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Paisley Babylon The Alpha Wave Variations Finally Available Digitally

Paisley Babylon The Alpha Wave Variations 1997 goth industrial electronic
Back in 1997, Paisley Babylon was hard at work recording and polishing The Alpha Wave Variations, which was released on the Texas label, Uncle Buzz Records.

The Alpha Wave Variations was the first CD by PB and featured an incredible amount of dark ambience, creepy horror movie-inspired textures and more than a few references to the David Cronenberg film Videodrome.

Fans of Nurse With Wound, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, and the Experimental section of the record store will find much to identify with. There’s also plenty of moody rhythmic activity going on here-it’s definitely not navel gazing synth noodling with no clear direction or purpose. The album was recorded between the hours of midnight and 4AM and that late-night surrealist vibe is definitely present all through the listening experience.

Today The Alpha Wave Variations is finally available in its entirety for digital download. Would you like to listen to the album in all its dark, unusual hallucinatory glory? It’s available below:

Paisley Babylon Tracks You Should Hear

There has been a lot of Paisley Babylon studio time happening–this is a cross section of the sounds evolving in the last six months or so. A bit of dub here, a bit of Chicago industrial there, Theremin and Space Echo, it’s been a fun cocktail of sound to be immersed in.

I don’t know why I’ve been sitting on these for so long, they were immensely enjoyable to experience when they were created….indulge your choice of recreational consumption and have a listen to these:

Binary Partners New Music Throbbing Gristle Brion Gysin Burroughs

Paisley Babylon Remix of Binary Partners “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here”

Paisley Babylon has been hard at work in the studio doing a number of projects including mixing and remixing a new album by Binary Partners. Details on that are coming soon, but suffice it to say that the record is heavily influenced by the philosophies of Burroughs, Gysin, and early electronic music pioneers. There is plenty of sonic madness on offer and BP are releasing bits and pieces of their studio work in anticipation of the new album.

Here’s one such outtake from the Binary Partners sessions of late 2012 and early 2013. “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here” is a pagan tribute to all that is irreverent, blasphemous, and improper. This version features instrumentation, cutups and other manipulations by Paisley Babylon.

Listen to “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here” by Binary Partners, remixed by Paisley Babylon courtesy of Soundcloud.

Paisley Babylon News

Paisley Babylon’s next full-length release is nearly finished. Called “Electronic Acid”, the album so far is 11 tracks of surrealism, a dose of harsh ambient, a dash of power electronics, aural hallucinations and inner journeys to outer space. Samples are coming soon, and there will be a single or two released from this album in remixed form prior to the official album launch.

In the meantime, Paisley Babylon’s Joe Wallace has been working with Esmeralda Trujillo on a project called Binary Partners, with a live performance scheduled in December ahead of a full-length LP release scheduled for early 2013. In the meantime, here’s a sample of what to expect from Binary Partners, which is a return to old-school first generation industrial and experimental music (before the industrial genre became overtaken by sequenced drum tracks, cocaine abuse, and football fans–think Throbbing Gristle, Coil, and Wire rather than Ministry and Pigface.)

Paisley Babylon Single: The Phoenix Lights

Written as a soundtrack piece (hence the repetitive theme that basically tries to pummel you into submission as you listen), the new Paisley Babylon MP3 THE PHOENIX LIGHTS, is a SkinnyPuppy-inspired track which does not yet have a home.

But there is some video work being shot in the Paisley Babylon studio that could act as a vehicle for it soon unless someone scoops it up in the meantime.

This track was inspired by a conversation with Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy at a recent horror movie convention (Horror Hound Weekend in Columbus, Ohio) about the nature and origin of the infamous Phoenix Lights unidentified flying object phenomena. After a couple of good chats with Ogre, it seemed like a good time to write something aggressive, analog, and old-school.

This track also marks the first with the new Paisley Babylon theremin, which was added to the gear roster earlier this week.

A video sculpture or similarly-intentioned visuals are pending for this track, it will be posted here when it’s ready…if you’re interested in licensing this track for a film project or other visual art, please feel free to get in touch: jwallace(at) turntabling (dot) net.

–Joe Wallace