Paisley Babylon is Joe Wallace, who plays theremin, vintage keyboards, manipulates found sound and custom recorded ambiences/sound effects. Wallace is a longtime audio professional who has returned to the world of performance and studio recording in addition to his work in film, radio, television, and galleries.

Joe Wallace is available for studio sessions and touring. Get in touch for more information by calling (312) 504-1264 or by email: jwalllace242@gmail.com

Paisley Babylon began as a single-member electronic/ambient band in 1996 with the release of a series of limited edition, cassette-only albums. It has since mutated into a multi-media art project that includes video, audio and video manipulation, photography, performance, and installation art.

Since 1996, Joe Wallace has performed, recorded, and shown work as Paisley Babylon in Texas, Iceland, Korea, and since 2005, Chicago. When he wasn’t performing as Paisley Babylon, Wallace was a member of the legendary San Antonio psych/experimental collective Crevice, and later joined Pink Filth.

Paisley Babylon’s discography includes the previously mentioned cassette-only releases in Texas in the mid 90s; Synthetic Noises for Beginners, and an Internet-only project called The Effects of Isolation On The Human Mind. Paisley Babylon’s first CD release was The Alpha Wave Variations, out of print for a long period but now for sale once more on Turntabling Records.

Today Wallace records and performs in Chicago. He is a full time musician, artist and writer working on a variety of multi-media projects including video installations, sound design for art shows and galleries, and most recently a series of short indie films.

You can contact Paisley Babylon for booking, collaboration, or soundtrack work by calling Joe Wallace at (773) 275-8602 or e-mail: jwallace242@gmail.com.

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