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Paisley Babylon Remix of Binary Partners “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here”

Paisley Babylon has been hard at work in the studio doing a number of projects including mixing and remixing a new album by Binary Partners. Details on that are coming soon, but suffice it to say that the record is heavily influenced by the philosophies of Burroughs, Gysin, and early electronic music pioneers. There is plenty of sonic madness on offer and BP are releasing bits and pieces of their studio work in anticipation of the new album.

Here’s one such outtake from the Binary Partners sessions of late 2012 and early 2013. “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here” is a pagan tribute to all that is irreverent, blasphemous, and improper. This version features instrumentation, cutups and other manipulations by Paisley Babylon.

Listen to “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here” by Binary Partners, remixed by Paisley Babylon courtesy of Soundcloud.

Paisley Babylon at OhNo!Doom Gallery Group Show “Adventure Time”

Paisley Babylon is part of Adventure Time!, a month-long group show at OhNo!Doom Gallery in Chicago. The opening was Saturday August 11 to a packed house.

Adventure Time! features a wide range of artists and mediums, but Paisley Babylon had the one and only video project in the show. It’s a mashup of scenes from the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time, plus insane, random-yet-connected scenes from a variety of drive-in exploitation movies, Italian horror films, insane Turkish action flicks, and drive-in intermission clips. Here are some images from the opening at OhNo!Doom Gallery in case you missed it…

–Joe Wallace

DJ Paisley Babylon Spins at OhNo!Doom Gallery Friday April 13

DJ Paisley Babylon provides music, soundscapes, and horror ambience at the opening of A Walk Through The Dark at OhNo!Doom Gallery in April on Friday the 13th starting at 6PM.

OhNo!Doom Gallery is located at 1800 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. More details coming soon, but save the date as you should definitely not miss it…