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Music and Ambiance For Film

Paisley Babylon has been involved in soundtrack work over the last few years, but there’s been a greater demand for it as of late. Filmmakers who need unique, unusual, and ear-grabbing soundtrack music or atmospheres should get in touch. My rates are indie-friendly and I am happy to discuss barter on a case-by-case basis. Projects with a budget will find my rates quite reasonable.

Contact me about your project by email:

Sound Design For Galleries And Artists

Galleries and artists who would like to incorporate sound into their programs, openings, or installations should also contact me about collaboration. Get in touch by email:

Paisley Babylon is available to art galleries for video work, sound design, ambiance, and creative atmospheres for art openings, fundraisers for the arts, and related events. Contact me:

Since 1997, I’ve worked with artists and galleries in a variety of ways from providing opening night DJ services to video/audio art installations and custom sound design.¬†I’ve also scripted, shot, edited and distributed promotional videos for artists, collectives and galleries. I don’t do DJ work these days except on a very limited basis, but I’m always open to discussing interesting possibilities.


I started doing gallery openings and installations with the San Antonio, Texas audio art collective Crevice. I also did gallery openings as Paisley Babylon and several gallery shows and performances with the San Antonio group Pink Filth.

Here’s a selected list of events and gallery-related work I’ve done in sound design, video, and multi-media for artists, galleries, and theatres:

  • 1997-1998 Blue Star Arts Space, San Antonio Texas–A variety of sound design and performance pieces as Paisley Babylon and with the group Crevice.
  • 2001 Sala Diaz Gallery, San Antonio, Texas–Sugar Shock! A Super-Chewy Delicious Multimedia Extravaganza by Pink Filth (Jeff & Jess DeCuir, Bryan Stanchak,& Joe Wallace).
  • 2002 Cactus Bra Space, San Antonio, Texas–Lullabies for Little Albert, live audio art installation by sound art collaborative Crevice.
  • 2003 Texas Society Of Sculptors, San Antonio, Texas–Working In Three Dimensions, multimedia for promotional video including audio art, sound sculpture and video production.
  • 2007 Up! Gallery, Chicago Illinois–Arirang Images, solo photo art show featuring photography from about about South Korea including ambience and sound design by Paisley Babylon.
  • 2008 Flight Gallery, San Antonio, Texas–Kiss My Crevice, live performance by Crevice.
  • 2009 Wildclaw Theatre Company–The Revenants, video editing, sound design, and music composition for official trailer for 2009 season.
  • 2010 Music Box Theatre, Chicago Illinois¬†The Music Box Massacre–live audio performance/mashup/DJing and video exhibition as Paisley Babylon to kick off 24-hour film festival.
  • 2012 OhNo! Doom Gallery, Chicago Illinois–A Walk Through The Dark, sound design, Djing and ambiance for show opening night as Paisley Babylon.
  • 2012 OhNo! Doom Gallery, Chicago Illinois–Septenary, sound design, Djing and ambiance for show opening night as Paisley Babylon.
  • 2012 OhNo!Doom Gallery, Chicago Illinois–Adventure Time! video installation for August 2012 multi-artist show.
  • 2013 Constantly Consuming Culture: A Art Event: Sound design and DJing
  • 2013 SPECTRUM NYC Gallery, New York City–A live Paisley Babylon performance featuring Theremin, live sound design, and handheld battery operated electronics as half of the group Binary Partners

When it comes to my work in the arts, payment is often an issue for cash-strapped artists and small galleries. I am willing to discuss barter, trading services for installation opportunities, any combination of cash payment and barter, etc. Galleries with funding can expect reasonable rates.

Artists and galleries should know I am heavily involved with social media and online promotion of the events I’m involved with as well as the traditional flyers and media opportunities.

I aggressively promote the events I work on and the galleries/artists I associate with for these events. You are not just getting sound design, DJing,promotional video or audio installation work when working with me–you also get additional PR and visibility for your event–I run four blogs, plus Twitter and Facebook accounts with a combined audience of more than 10,000 across all platforms.

Contact me:

jwallace (at) turntabling (dot) net

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