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Announcing The Paisley Babylon Digital Singles Series

Paisley Babylon on Etsy The avalanche begins! Today saw the release of the first three of a long series of digital singles involving Paisley Babylon. We are trying an experiment using Etsy, so these singles are being pushed via the Cult Records Etsy Shop.

There are three Paisley Babylon digital singles featuring original artwork, liner notes, and in some cases a bonus track or two. Today’s singles include the following:

Couch Lock Spaceman by Paisley Babylon

Paisley Babylon Chicago dark ambient experimental

Midnight At The Embalming Room by Paisley Babylon

goth industrial Chicago Paisley BabylonHow to describe these digital singles? They vary in length and perversity, but as the Paisley Babylon description on the Cult Records shop states, “If there’s one thing Paisley Babylon is about, it’s blurring the lines between art, polymorphous perversity between consenting adults, music, and life. If art is what makes like more interesting than art, sexually tinged artwork with more than a dash of darkly humorous perversity is one of the basic building blocks of the universe. Like hydrogen.”

The tracks in this singles series are MP3 digital downloads, available on the Cult Records shop on Etsy, and may also be released via Bandcamp and other digital outlets as time goes by.

There’s An Avalanche Coming…

An avalanche of Paisley Babylon tracks, that is. Paisley Babylon will be releasing a series of tracks via this website for purchase and download. Some are reissues, some are never-before heard things, and it’s going to be a very interesting experiment in both how this site is used (by Paisley Babylon) and how PB music will be distributed going forward.

Thanks very much for your interest in Paisley Babylon. It’s been a very long career and there is still a lot of sonic experimentation to be done!

Once the uploads start here, there could be daily changes and mutations to this site. Just what you have always wanted, yes?

Paisley Babylon in 2018: Vinyl Manipulation Performance Art

Paisley Babylon Chicago Turntable Sound ArtPaisley Babylon heads into some interesting territory in 2018. PB is in the planning stages of a new project that involves vinyl records, turntablism, mash-ups, performance art, and unusual sonic journeys with found sound.

Paisley Babylon experimented with this concept about seven years ago and even did a few Chicago-area live performances, but this time around the work is more focused and sonically adventurous. The original approach was a bit more DJ-oriented; for this project the emphasis is on taking a sonic journey through certain concepts, themes, leitmotifs, and associations.

The work is “big” enough to warrant a full manifesto and written artistic statement, and a series of performances is tentatively scheduled in 2018 as a means to explore this territory and its’ implications.

Whenever Paisley Babylon ventures into this territory, the name Christian Marclay always manages to come up and this time is not exception-his work is definitely a source of encouragement as is the pioneering sonic experimentation of Negativland, Throbbing Gristle, Chris and Cosey / Carter Tutti, Coil, John Cage, etc. Paisley Babylon views these pioneers as fellow travelers rather than artistic influences (though they are definitely that), and it’s hoped that PB will find some undiscovered country thanks to these fellow travelers clearing a path and making the first infamous journeys into these formerly uncharted territories.

In March of 2017, though it wasn’t clear yet WHAT was happening at the time, The Deadwax Project (billed under Paisley Babylon’s sole member’s name, Joe Wallace) was a signal of things to come in 2018. Submitted for your review, the Deadwax Project which was composed using ONLY manipulated recordings of all the silent passages from a U2 record, The Joshua Tree. It only gets weirder from here.



Paisley Babylon on Various Compilations

Paisley Babylon synth music darkwavePaisley Babylon has racked up some rather nice spots on a variety of compilation albums including the one seen above, Dark Waves: Dismal and Longingly, where PB’s Midnight Thunderstorm Sex appears.

Dark Gothik Helloween compilation album paisley babylonYou can also find Paisley Babylon’s unique brand of synth darkness on Dark Gothik Helloween, which featues the track Hypnotically Adrift.

Paisley babylon darkwave synth music chicagoNot sure how or why Paisley Babylon was selected to appear on Alternative Campus Vol. 3, but why the hell not?  Even college students need to find the darkness sometimes, right?

Joe Wallace Chicago synth theremin Paisley BabylonDitto for THIS one, but the kids DO love their Midnight Thunderstorm Sex, and there can be no complaints about the added attention, to be sure. Thanks to these compilation makers for adding PB to the mix.

Paisley Babylone dark synth music ChicagoHotel Shower Time also got a bit of attention on this lovely comp. New wave is a favorite on the speakers round Paisley Babylon sonic HQ so it was very pleasing to find someone interested in adding us to a new wave comp. Wonderful!

Dark Wave of Sound compilation New Wave Paisley BabylonThe makers of the Dark Wave Of Sound compilation saw fit to include Paisley Babylon’s Midnight Thunderstorm Sex in its collection of dark and doomy tracks. That one keeps showing up on the comps, which leads one to believe that people love to invite Mother Nature to watch them getting it on. Which is fine and wonderful, but do take photos.

Scary Halloween Music Paisley Babylon Joe Wallace synth musicHypnotically Adrift shows up again on not one, but TWO compilations! Halloween seems to be the month of choice for Paisley Babylon lovers, so it is very nice to see the interest in PB’s dark synth tracks extending to these two.

Gothic Notic Paisley Babylon Joe Wallace analog synth music.jpgThere are other comps, to be sure–Paisley Babylon debuted on the Uncle Buzz Records compilation, Acid Ranch 2000, which is sadly out of print. It would be REALLY NICE if this one became digitally available someday.Paisley Babylon Acid Ranch 2000

Paisley Babylon Curating New Compilation

DARK MUSIC FOR MIDNIGHT DRIVING ALBUM COVER2smallerThat image above is the cover for a new compilation of dark music that, as the name of the album implies, is perfect for late night driving. Paisley Babylon occasionally releases music via a German distributor called Feiyr, and this service now allows its artist to create compilations for release to Amazon, iTunes, etc. This is Paisley Babylon’s first foray into Feiyr’s world of compilation curation and it’s going to be quite exciting to see what happens here. Stay tuned for details, the album isn’t finished yet, but it’s well on the way!

The tracks on the compilation range from Dark Wave to Gothic Ethereal and other doomy electronica. There’s a great cross-section of moody sounds represented here…we’ll keep you posted once the compilation is available for sale.