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Introducing the Texas Turntable Massacre

I must be out of my mind. I started a new project–an offshoot of Paisley Babylon–called the Texas Turntable Massacre. It’s a very vinyl-heavy music project featuring a large amount of Burroughsian cut-up technique with dollar bin records, thift store vinyl finds, obscure weird old TV preacher LPs, and liberal helpings of theremin and Moog.

There is a new album coming out in December by Texas Turntable Massacre called “Donner Party Hungry”. To coincide with this release, I will put out several EPs on CD/digital download and as an incentive to buy I’m going to offer all who purchase the limited editions a unique piece of newsprint art that specifically ties in to the album’s content.

Details on that including where to buy are forthcoming, but for now, you can sample a track off the upcoming album by way of the clip below:


Paisley Babylon and Binary Partners Show At StudioLab, Bridgeport Chicago Oct 17 2014

BIG thanks to all who came to see the three-theremin spectacle that was last night’s Paisley Babylon performance. I did the opening set as Paisley Babylon and then stayed on stage as half of Binary Partners. It was a very good night indeed and it was nearly two full hours of unusual, hallucinatory entertainment that would have pleased Timothy Leary, William Burroughs, and probably Stephen Stapleton.

Here are some images from the show, there was a full recording of both performances and that will become available at some point. Stay tuned for details.

–Joe Wallace

Binary Partners Theremin Electronic experimental Joe Wallace Binary Partners Joe Wallace Theremin Joe Wallace and Theremin

Ezzy Trujillo Binary Partners Joe Wallace ElectroHarmonixRavishSitar Joe Wallace Korg MicroKorg Joe Wallace mutated theremin Joe Wallace Theremin playing

Theremin Babylon! Live Paisley Babylon Three-Theremin Performance Tonight At StudioLab

Tonight, Friday October 17 2014, Paisley Babylon does a three-theremin performance at StudioLab, located in Chicago’s Bridgeport Art Center 1200 W. 35th Street Chicago Illinois 60609. StudioLab is on the 5th floor of the art center, take the elevator to the 5th floor and follow your ears.

There will be free wine and beer while supplies last. This performance is part of the Bridgeport Art Center Third Friday Artist open studios event. Don’t miss this!

Paisley Babylon Booking

Paisley Babylon Brian Eno ambient experimental as loud as possibleI’m aggressively booking gigs for Paisley Babylon again…it’s time to unleash the power of not one, not two, but THREE theremins, all run through an insane maze of stompboxes, echo machines, and loopers upon the world.

Did I mention the video display that accompanies the music? A fast-paced visual journey through the wasteland of exploitation cinema, Italian giallos, and ancient, crumbling go-go dancing film footage.

Paisley Babylon is at times surreal, sexy, psychedelic, sinister, dreamlike, ethereal, floating, and menacing. Think of a one-man version of the Legendary Pink Dots but with stage directions whispered by the ghosts of Hunter S. Thompson and William Burroughs.

Behold the trippy strangeness that awaits you at a Paisley Babylon show–samples below. PB wrapped up the summer of 2014 by playing a packed house at Comfort Station, providing the unusual soundtrack to a Russian silent film called Aelita, Queen of Mars. Now restless and looking for more on-the-road kicks, Paisley Babylon wants to play a record store, unsuspecting coffee house, art gallery or more traditional venue near you.

Contact me to book this multi-media experience by e-mail: