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Paisley Babylon Remix of Binary Partners “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here”

Paisley Babylon has been hard at work in the studio doing a number of projects including mixing and remixing a new album by Binary Partners. Details on that are coming soon, but suffice it to say that the record is heavily influenced by the philosophies of Burroughs, Gysin, and early electronic music pioneers. There is plenty of sonic madness on offer and BP are releasing bits and pieces of their studio work in anticipation of the new album.

Here’s one such outtake from the Binary Partners sessions of late 2012 and early 2013. “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here” is a pagan tribute to all that is irreverent, blasphemous, and improper. This version features instrumentation, cutups and other manipulations by Paisley Babylon.

Listen to “Let Those Asses Know We’re In Here” by Binary Partners, remixed by Paisley Babylon courtesy of Soundcloud.

Theremin Vs. Turntable: Paisley Babylon Equipment Test

Just as with my former fellow bandmates in Crevice, when it’s time to do Paisley Babylon stuff in the rehearsal space, it’s an EQUIPMENT TEST rather than a rehearsal. Well, perhaps that’s not ENTIRELY true–Paisley Babylon does have an improvisational aspect to it but it’s not ALL off-the-cuff…plenty of structure hiding in there.

Here’s one shot recently with the new theremin. Paisley Babylon’s gear list for this video includes a portable, battery operated turntable with a vinyl LP of DJ battle breaks supplying the drum track, all other noises produced by theremin and MicroKorg.

DJ Paisley Babylon Vinyl Mashup Mix

The very latest DJ Paisley Babylon mix/mashup/curated audio weirdness is available for a limited time on YouTube. This one’s full of insanity including a cut from the Willie Nelson reggae album Countryman, a bit of classic John Trubee and the Ugly Janitors of America, some deliciousness from Marshall McLuhan, KLF remixed, Bowie, much more.

As I always say…have turntables, will travel. Need sounds like these? Get in touch with me about booking and availability: jwallace (at) turntabling (dot) net.

DJ Paisley Babylon Now Booking: RetroMod Nights

DJ Paisley Babylon is now booking dates for RETROMOD, a unique blend of British Invasion, 80’s era Manchester sounds, Melodic punk, Shoegaze and much more. If you have a club night, special event, or private party in need of a DJ night full of sounds by The Fall, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Velvet Underground, The Zombies, Charlatans U.K., Stone Roses, Kinks, X, and other similar sounds, contact me for additional details. See the contact details below for more information. You can also listen to a sample mix of what this night would sound like.

Booking information for clubs: RetroMod features both vinyl and CD mixing. If you aren’t equipped with turntables, they will be provided. Please get in touch by phone or e-mail to discuss booking.

Booking information for events, parties, individuals: DJ Paisley Babylon has PA gear suitable for a medium-sized room approximately the size of a hotel ballroom or convention area. If you need additional sound reinforcement, please mention it plus the anticipated size of the event. DJ Paisley Babylon is available for private events but a minimum of three weeks advance notice is required. Rates are negotiated individually based on the event. We do select work for charity, fundraisers, etc. Please submit as much detail as possible when booking.

DJ Paisley Babylon Spins at A Walk Through The Dark, Friday April 13 2012 6-10PM

I’m spinning, mashing up, and creating unique sound design for the OhNo!Doom Gallery opening A Walk Through The Dark on Friday, April 13 from 6 to 10 PM. Here is a pre-mix sampler of some of the things I’ll be doing at the event–this mix/mashup features Goblin, Ennio Morricone, the Rhythm Devils Apocalypse Now sessions, and a bit of original Paisley Babylon music written especially for this clip.

The gallery is located at 1800 N. Milwaukee in Chicago. Do not miss this unique event!