What I Do

Paisley Babylon is essentially me, Joe Wallace. I am the sole member since 1997 and have been creating original music, soundscapes, atmospheres, soundtracks, and sound effects since that time. I’ve been a performing musician since before my high school days in the mid 1980s. I perform often and travel to stages from New York City to San Antonio, Texas.

I play the theremin, analog synths, manipulate vinyl records and found sound, create my own sound effects and capture sound on location for use in my work. My vinyl manipulations and related work features a great deal of weird spoken word material from the 1960s and 1970s, with a smattering of 80s nonsense thrown in for good measure.

My soundtrack work is creepy, threatening, suspenseful, at times alien, sci-fi and retro-futuristic. There is also a dub side to Paisley Babylon as well as a more ambient and chill-out side that comes out in every project one way or another.

My work alternates between the horror/sci-fi soundtrack sounds I love to write and blissed out/chilled out electronica. Call it the Yin and Yang of my music.

Horror movie directors, sci-fi filmmakers, and anyone who needs ambient, hallucinatory, strange, dreamlike or nightmarish sounds should get in touch. You can hear a wide range of my sonic palette at https://soundcloud.com/paisley-babylon.

You can book Paisley Babylon for soundtrack work, tours, and session recordings by calling me at (312) 504-1264 or get in touch with me via e-mail: Paisley@PaisleyBabylon.net


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