Paisley Babylon Presents New Vinyl-riffic Mashup Mutations

This is not a new direction for Paisley Babylon, but it’s certainly something I’ve been doing a LOT more of lately. Inspired by the ever-growing piles of weird and WTF vinyl I’ve been collecting, I’m proud to bring you the darkly funny “Too Many Boners, My Friend”, hot out of the studio only this morning.

Amusing note: the announcer voice discussing the practice of establishing an “eyeball” was NOT manipulated to take the word “eyeball” out of context. No, my friends, that is how it actually appears on the record. Hear for yourself, and know that this track is headed for a seven-inch, so its availability as a streaming clip will be limited–it comes down once the vinyl is ready to be released.

–Joe Wallace

Nurse With Wound Double CD

***UPDATE***The three-disc edition is sadly now sold out. That’s what I get for not moving faster.
Nurse With Wound Terms and Conditions Apply CD set
The wonderful reports Nurse With Wound has released a new double CD set featuring material recorded between 2008 and 2011. Exciting stuff as NWW is definitely one of the most inspirational of the groups I frequently mention here–Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Cabaret Voltaire, etc.

There’s nothing quite like the Nurse With Wound experience. It’s challenging, thought-provoking, sonically dangerous…for me personally it’s two bottles of red wine on an empty stomach for the soul. (That’s a good thing.)

The NWW release is called “Terms and Conditions Apply” and if you order from Dirtier, you get a third disc as a bonus, which is pretty damn outstanding. I’m not a shill for Dirtier, just passing the news along 🙂

–Joe Wallace

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Joe Wallace Paisley Babylon Theremin Live
There is a Paisley Babylon fan page on Facebook…it’s been there for a while but I’ve only recently decided that might be a good place to post little surprises like exclusive tracks, show info, and contact with people who enjoy the dark sonic journeys I’ve been creating.

Join me on Facebook and say hello…and if you’re working on your own like-minded music, do feel free to use that page to get in touch, discuss shows or collaborations, split seven-inches, etc.

–Joe Wallace

Coil Windowpane Video

Coil is rather inspirational when it comes to Paisley Babylon recordings…I’ve been searching Coil out on Youtube lately as the very rare and pricey Coil releases tend to crop up there in their entirety, making for convenient listening on the go, which is nice. I’d purchase all of these in a heartbeat, if I could find them!

Here’s a very ancient and classic Coil video from that hoary old VHS Black Box set, which very few remember these days. Some of us, however, haven’t, so have a listen to Windowpane and remember the weird old 90s…

–Joe Wallace

Music Blog Discoveries: The Styrofoam Drone

The styrofoam drone music blogBecause I make weird music in the ambient/experimental/electronic and possibly noise/drone categories, I am always on the lookout for music blogs that seem in the slightest way friendly to what I am doing–or at least potentially so.

Up to now I’d been just making notes of who these folks are and where they are located but it occurred to me that it would be a damn fine thing to actually SHARE this info so that fellow music mutants could benefit accordingly.

In that spirit, I bring you today’s find–Styrofoam Drone, which has a nice eclectic and intelligently written site full of the things I do love musically. From Styrofoam Drone, about what they are doing:

“This is a daily updated music blog based in Philadelphia generally focused on vinyl releases from only the most premium underground filth. Ranging from lo-fi psych to garage punk rock to electronic and everything in between, you’re bound to find something special. Also, if you’re a touring band looking for show dates in Philadelphia, get in touch! ”

I’m looking forward to sending material here…great site, well written, and definitely worth the daily time investment. Bravo!

Visit Styrofoam Drone with me!



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