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Introducing the Texas Turntable Massacre

I must be out of my mind. I started a new project–an offshoot of Paisley Babylon–called the Texas Turntable Massacre. It’s a very vinyl-heavy music project featuring a large amount of Burroughsian cut-up technique with dollar bin records, thift store vinyl finds, obscure weird old TV preacher LPs, and liberal helpings of theremin and Moog.

There is a new album coming out in December by Texas Turntable Massacre called “Donner Party Hungry”. To coincide with this release, I will put out several EPs on CD/digital download and as an incentive to buy I’m going to offer all who purchase the limited editions a unique piece of newsprint art that specifically ties in to the album’s content.

Details on that including where to buy are forthcoming, but for now, you can sample a track off the upcoming album by way of the Soundcloud.com clip below:


Paisley Babylon Presents New Vinyl-riffic Mashup Mutations

This is not a new direction for Paisley Babylon, but it’s certainly something I’ve been doing a LOT more of lately. Inspired by the ever-growing piles of weird and WTF vinyl I’ve been collecting, I’m proud to bring you the darkly funny “Too Many Boners, My Friend”, hot out of the studio only this morning.

Amusing note: the announcer voice discussing the practice of establishing an “eyeball” was NOT manipulated to take the word “eyeball” out of context. No, my friends, that is how it actually appears on the record. Hear for yourself, and know that this track is headed for a seven-inch, so its availability as a streaming clip will be limited–it comes down once the vinyl is ready to be released.

–Joe Wallace

Contemplating Sound

I’ve been pondering the nature of sound and its artistic uses quite a bit lately. In today’s digital landscape, it never ceases to amaze (or please) me that audio-only projects are still of great interest in spite of YouTube, Netflix, cable television, etc. Like books, audio-only media isn’t going away, it’s just mutating, evolving, moving to more specialized audiences.

Print isn’t dead by a long shot, and neither is the audio-only format. Not all interesting media is visually oriented.

I started professionally in radio but transitioned into television and video. I spent a lot of time there but still love the audio-only format. I enjoy DJing, talk radio, podcasts, NPR, audio collages, mashups, musique concrete, found sound, audio surrealism, much more…but how to combine, collide, mash up, repurpose and reapproach audio in interesting ways using these formats not as the ends themselves, but as techniques? Sound is the canvas, but it’s also the paint.

I plan on exploring this problem with a series of productions in the near future. Something all at once old, timeworn and done before, but at the same time new and interesting. Collisions of the old and new. Part audio blog, part podcast, part mashup, part DJ, remix, etc.

The first steps will likely be a bit tentative–I’ve got some old material along these lines I only broadcast once or twice, but new material is being worked and coming soon. Over the weekend I plan on posting the first of a series of sonic experiments as a first step towards a regular series that will likely define itself and take on a life of its own as the concept develops.

This is all a bit murky–and not just to you, the poor reader stumbling upon this rambling for the first time. But as the journey unfolds, it will become clearer what the destination is to be. Here’s to the experiments!