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Paisley Babylon Performs @ CIMMFest 2014

Joe Wallace Paisley Babylon CIMMFEST 2014

Paisley Babylon was added as a last-moment stand-in act for a group that couldn’t make the Friday night CIMMFest Shorts From The Winnipeg Film Festival show at Comfort Station in Chicago.

Paisley Babylon has been absent from the stage for a variety of reasons lately, but last night marked a much overdue return. The show included the usual theremin performance, but added spacey harmonica and melodica into the mix–something that’s been needed for some time.

PB has been active at StudioLab in a variety of ways…more on the strange intersection of art and PB music there in another blog post…

Paisley Babylon CIMMFEST 2014 show

Theremin Babylon At Capricon 34 Wheeling Illinois


theremin babylon performance

I always like to say that I am ALL of Paisley Babylon and HALF of Binary Partners, so when BP performs, technically speaking that’s Paisley Babylon up there albeit in a different band….but I am still playing the theremin.

SO, Paisley Babylon will be part of the insanity at Capricon 34 in Wheeling, Illinois when Binary Partners performs an all-ages live show on the 15th floor where the Capricon party suites are located. The show is Saturday February 8 at 9PM. More information is at

–Joe Wallace

Theremin Babylon Live In Chicago Saturday 1 Feb 2014 @Jerry’s 1938 W. Division

Joe Wallace Theremin-Paisley-Babylon-Chicago analog moogAs all of Paisley Babylon, I write a lot of music using the theremin, and as half of Binary Partners I perform live using the theremin exclusively as of late. My last five shows have featured the theremin as my main instrument, and the one coming this Saturday 1 Feb is no exception.

I will perform theremin duties once more on stage as half of Binary Partners at Jerry’s, located at 1938 W. Division Street in Chicago. This show will likely be the most insane one to date as I’m running a ridiculous number of effects pedals and creating a theremin sound so large and threatening that some could mistake it for natural phenomena.

That’s NOT to say that this is a NOISE show per se–it is NOT that–but with this setup the theremin is capable of damn near weaponized volumes of sound. I prefer to use such things as punctuation, not as the whole sentence, as it were. But the loud-quiet-loud approach worked great for The Pixies, so why not with BP?

I’ve been using the theremin more and more in my soundtrack work and it’s gratifying that more people are interested in these sounds. It should be said, I’m no Clara Rockmore–I have no interest in playing sonatas with my instrument. Call me the J.G. Thirlwell of the theremin and you’re barking up the right tree.

Come out on Saturday to Jerry’s to see what all the fuss is about.

–Joe Wallace

Paisley Babylon at OhNo!Doom Gallery Group Show “Adventure Time”

Paisley Babylon is part of Adventure Time!, a month-long group show at OhNo!Doom Gallery in Chicago. The opening was Saturday August 11 to a packed house.

Adventure Time! features a wide range of artists and mediums, but Paisley Babylon had the one and only video project in the show. It’s a mashup of scenes from the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time, plus insane, random-yet-connected scenes from a variety of drive-in exploitation movies, Italian horror films, insane Turkish action flicks, and drive-in intermission clips. Here are some images from the opening at OhNo!Doom Gallery in case you missed it…

–Joe Wallace

Post Mortem Telepathy Live at DMZ, San Antonio, Texas

Back in the mid to late 90s, Paisley Babylon was involved with a collective music/mashup/remix project called Post Mortem Telepathy, which featured members of Crevice, Mission Giant, The Lysergic Dream, and other rotating members. This performance video features Post Mortem Telepathy as a two-piece with Lysergic Dream on the right and Paisley Babylon on the left, throwing their respective influences and techniques into the maelstrom to see what got hurtled back out again.

This brief excerpt is a video sculpture created from footage and audio of a live performance at San Antonio, Texas club DMZ and is a strange beast indeed…