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DJ Paisley Babylon to Spin at Capricon 32

DJ Paisley Babylon spins a rare live set as part of the after-con party scene at Capricon 32 in Wheeling, Illinois. Saturday March 11, as part of a Capricon suite party sponsored by, DJ Paisley Babylon rolls out his unique brand of DJing, live mash-ups, audio manipulation and sonic mutations.

Capricon is an annual sci-fi convention held at the Westin Chicago North Shore location in Wheeling, Illinois. The event begins at 7PM. Flyers with the location of the event (which features a free wet bar!) will be available at the Turntabling booth on the convention floor.

Capricon 32 runs from February 9-12 and features guest speaker Cory Doctorow. More information is at the Capricon official site.

Paisley Babylon Preps for Live Video Shoot

The latest news from the Paisley Babylon camp is that there’s a live video in the works featuring a combination of the Paisley Babylon live music performance and the PB “Beautiful Chaos” concept which features turntables, live mashups and audio surrealism.

A shoot this weekend is the primary source for the new video which is part of a bizarre new PR campaign for Paisley Babylon, details to be announced soon. Selected clips from the shoot will be posted later while the full-length project is being edited.

Paisley Babylon Free MP3


Paisley Babylon kicks off the Music Box Massacre 2010 at Chicago’s legendary Music Box Theater at 3373 N. Southport on Saturday October 9th, 2010.  The set begins at 11AM and in preparation for the show, PB did a half-hour soundcheck.

That soundcheck was recorded and converted to MP3 and is now available for free download. Enjoy this half-hour set of mashed-up and mutilated tracks from Skinny Puppy side project Download, Ennio Morricone, Goblin, the Mister T Be Somebody album, and the Zombie soundtrack.

Some will cry blasphemy when they hear the section where  I mash up parts of the Suspiria soundtrack by Goblin with The Story of Star Wars. Yes, that’s probably evil and wrong, but I had SO much fun doing it…no apologies.

Download the Paisley Babylon Music Box Massacre soundcheck and be sure to come out and join me at the Music Box Massacre—come by early (11AM) to catch the set and be sure to drop by the Turntabling table and say hello.

–Joe Wallace

Paisley Babylon Live Shows


Paisley Babylon performs live at Transistor at 5045 N. Clark Street in Chicago. This performance, as the flyer indicates, features five turntables, five echo boxes, multi-media madness on video screens, it’s a total sensory barrage. The show is called Beautiful Chaos and definitely lives up to its name.

Those who have heard advance demos of this show seem particularly impressed by the sounds of Roddy McDowall reading H.P. Lovecraft mashed up with the voices of Genesis P. Orridge, breaks from Coil and Gary Clail, plus a bewildering assortment of Isaac Hayes, Italian disco, Chicago industrial, children’s records and ominous rumblings from a live mashed-up collection of Turntabling Records artists. It’s a turntabling freakshow–all vinyl, all mad.

Transistor is Chicago’s hippest, newest indie record store with an amazing collection of art, electronics and vinyl records among many other music-related material. Come for the Paisley Babylon but make sure you check out the merch here–this is one HELL of a store. Very hip, modern and plugged in to what’s what. Paisley Babylon definitely shops at Transistor and believes you should too.

For more information on Paisley Babylon, Turntabling Records and upcoming performances, check back here but don’t miss the Turntabling Records official site for additional details on show dates, appearances and CD releases.