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Announcing The Paisley Babylon Digital Singles Series

Paisley Babylon on Etsy The avalanche begins! Today saw the release of the first three of a long series of digital singles involving Paisley Babylon. We are trying an experiment using Etsy, so these singles are being pushed via the Cult Records Etsy Shop.

There are three Paisley Babylon digital singles featuring original artwork, liner notes, and in some cases a bonus track or two. Today’s singles include the following:

Couch Lock Spaceman by Paisley Babylon

Paisley Babylon Chicago dark ambient experimental

Midnight At The Embalming Room by Paisley Babylon

goth industrial Chicago Paisley BabylonHow to describe these digital singles? They vary in length and perversity, but as the Paisley Babylon description on the Cult Records shop states, “If there’s one thing Paisley Babylon is about, it’s blurring the lines between art, polymorphous perversity between consenting adults, music, and life. If art is what makes like more interesting than art, sexually tinged artwork with more than a dash of darkly humorous perversity is one of the basic building blocks of the universe. Like hydrogen.”

The tracks in this singles series are MP3 digital downloads, available on the Cult Records shop on Etsy, and may also be released via Bandcamp and other digital outlets as time goes by.