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Download Paisley Babylon Midnight Hallucinations

The New CD by Paisley Babylon, Midnight Hallucinations. Paisley Babylon is Joe Wallace on Turntabling Records

Paisley Babylon’s Midnight Hallucinations is a trippy journey through the dark underbrush of the subconscious. Founding member Joe Wallace says the new CD is full of strange vibrations–the sort of feelings you get in fever dreams and chemically altered states of mind.

Paisley Babylon has been compared to Aphex Twin, Funky Porcini, Eno, Coil and Cluster. Midnight Hallucinations isn’t quite like any of it, but occupies what Wallace calls “the same musical zip code.”

Paisley Babylon is known for it’s trippy, mindbending sound–especially live. What could be initially mistaken for sinister elevator music mutates into unusua frequencies that are actually danceable without losing their ether-like effect. Hunter Thompson would likely ask whether Midnight Hallucinations could be bottled, poured into a rag and inhaled before venturing into a Vegas casino in search of the American Dream.
You’ll have dreams allright, but chances are they’ll be full of lysergic, out-of-body isolation tank floating.