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Paisley Babylon “Chemical Erotica” Series

Paisley Babylon has completed material for a five-EP series called Chemical Erotica, which will be released in CD format only as a limited edition from Turntabling Records. Hand-picked tracks from each of the five six-song EPs will be available as MP3s but the concept is a physical-release only to be sold and distributed via Turntabling.net and places online where Turntabling sells records.

Chemical Erotica marks an interesting mutation for Paisley Babylon, which has been recording more aggressive sounds as of late and combining the earlier moody ambient and synth-laden underground doom-pop textures with abrasive, hard-edged music.

Paisley Babylon’s Joe Wallace describes the sounds as being a reaction¬†of the times. “Not to get too boring and political here, but times are tough–worse than tough for many. How frustrated do you feel by the bad economy, gas prices threatening to get to five dollars a gallon, the American dream housing market in the toilet, layoffs, you name it? ¬†You could call this a musical exorcism of all that.”

Turntabling plans to issue the first EP of the five-part series exclusively on Etsy.com, the online sales destination for DIYers, steampunks, goths and other subcult lovers. More information on availability of the EPs and where to purchase them will come in the next two weeks.