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New Paisley Babylon Tracks

Preparing to unleash brand new Paisley Babylon tracks on the world…another trip to the chemical drive-in. When the lights go down the hallucinations you see will be in stereo. Brace yoursleves for "All the Policemen Turned Into Zombies" and 'Android Sex Farm" due out next week as a pre-release sneak preview. Paisley Babylon is scheduled to play a live-mashup in-store performance at Transistor in Chicago on October 15 at 8PM. Don't miss it…the mind you infect may be your own.

Paisley Babylon Beautiful Chaos Shows

Paisley Babylon is about the unleash Beautiful Chaos upon the great
city of Chicago. Beautiful Chaos is Paisley Babylon’s electronica/live
mashup multi-media happening–five turntables, five echo boxes, two
mixers, video and a whole lot of retro/future sounds mashed up live
for a full consciousness reboot.

Details are being finalized for three shows in the Chicago area and
more to come. Paisley Babylon has played live from Texas to Iceland
and now Chicagoland is about to get a taste of Babylon, too. Full
details are coming once dates and times are firm. Look out, Windy

A Paisley Babylon Rehearsal, July 31 2010

turntablePaisley Babylon is in the studio rehearsing for a multi-media performance to be announced soon. What you’re about to hear is an hour’s worth of sonic weirdness–live mashups and mixes using a variety of sources including three turntables all going at once.

It’s a sound collage, music mix and live mashup being rehearsed in preparation for performances in Chicago to be announced soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this one-hour journey into the central nervous system of Paisley Babylon. Have a listen to the Mp3 and please feel free to drop comment on what you think of the clip–keeping in mind that it’s rehearsal quality, not performance quality.

Retro Now: Guitar Hero Commodore 64 Mod


Guitar Hero for the Commodore 64 computer system? Some kinds of madness transcends both the medium AND the message of the presentation. This is all at once the most pointless thing ever done and the coolest. Why would you want to play Guitar Hero on the C64? For the same reasons people climb Mt. Everest–just freakin’ BECAUSE. Forget about “can’t be done” or “shouldn’t be done”, anyone crazy enough to mod an old clapped out computer from the copper age of computing is also probably a total genius.

I discovered this glorious insanity on my new favorite retro blog, Retro Thing, which also features VIDEOS of this in action–definitely worth the flashback value. Bravo, Retro Thing…and the best part of this whole thing for me was the fact that it was on display right here in Chicago. It’s just a shame the post was already two years old when I found it!

Retro Thing is definitely still going strong and well worth a look.