Theremin Vs. Turntable Part 2

This is not a Paisley Babylon performance video as such, it’s more of a test of the stripped-down, lean and mean street performance setup for some shows I’ll be doing this year in and around Chicago. The setup includes a Moog Theremin, portable battery operated turntable with some vinyl DJ battle breaks, a MicroKorg, and a couple of echo boxes.

Paisley Babylon is available to do shows with this setup–get in touch by e-mail: jwallace (at) turntabling (dot) Net. Have gear, will travel.

The beats in this video are from DJ battle break beat vinyl LPs, but all other non-percussion sounds are generated by Paisley Babylon. I also have a collection of dub rhythms, reggae-inspired beats, and other sounds I sometimes use for the live performances. While I do enjoy creating and manipulating my own percussion, I love the idea of using the turntable as a live performance instrument and the DJ battle break LPS are perfect in this regard.

–Joe Wallace

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