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Paisley Babylon Performs Friday October 17 2014 at Bridgeport Art Center Chicago

Moog Theremini Korg Volca Joe WallaceThis Friday, October 17 2014, Paisley Babylon does an opening set for Binary Partners. Both acts perform live at the Bridgeport Art Center in StudioLab,  on the 5th floor of the art center. The StudioLab space is located in the Fashion Design Center so follow all signs to that and you’ll find the show easily.

Paisley Babylon will play with not one, not two, but THREE theremins going live at once, plus Volca boxes and a turntable. This is going to be a highly unusual show!

Binary Partners (also featuring Paisley Babylon’s Joe Wallace) will do a set featuring analog electronics and a LOT of video display insanity–barrage edited video installations that will mesmerize you as you notice the unplanned (and very creepy) video synch with the music..

Join us Friday October 17 2014 at the Bridgeport Art Center, 5th floor. It’s at 1200  W. 35th Street in Chicago. Paisley Babylon begins promptly at 7:30. Free wine and beer while supplies last.


Adding The Moog Theremini To The Paisley Babylon Live Show

Moog Theremini unboxSo yesterday (October 2 2014) I took delivery of the Moog Theremini, which is a fun and intriguing re-boot of the traditional theremin. I am sure traditionalists would be violently ill at the prospect of a tone-lockable theremin that features built-in presets, effects and a USB interface, but I had a lot of fun recording with this yesterday and it definitely has a place in the Paisley Babylon live setup.

Pros–it has built in effects which can be bypassed, it has a CV out, and can be manipulated on the fly while performing with it. Cons–it requires some fussing to calibrate, the presets range from really cool to massively cheesy, and the built-in speaker feels a bit “training wheels” to me, but no matter. Paisley Babylon has, so far, found some inventive and fun uses for the Theremini in the recording studio.

Next time I plan on outputting the CV to the Paisley Babylon Moog Little Phatty to see what that does to for the recording process. Add some echo boxes and an Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy and you have the makings for some spaced out fun in the studio.

Also, I’ll be working on some demonstration videos of the Moog Theremini–stay tuned for that.

–Joe Wallace