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Paisley Babylon Joins Comfort Films and The Logan Square International Film Series “Silent Films + Loud Music”

paisley babylon aelita queen of mars

Paisley Babylon is proud to be a part of the film series “Silent Films+Loud Music” presented by Comfort Station Logan Square in Chicago, and the Logan Square International Film Series. On August 6, Paisley Babylon will be bringing live sound design, vinyl mash-ups and original music/atmospheres with theremin, sythesizer, melodica and more to accompany the silent film Aelita Queen Of Mars, a silent movie made in Russia about three years before the release of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

This is a pretty interesting experiment for Paisley Babylon and if the performance goes well, I’ll be looking to take this show on the road to perform in other spaces with the film and others like it. Silent films like this, depending on the print, exist in the public domain and it’s a great opportunity to take a work that hasn’t gotten much love (as opposed to Nosferatu and Metropolis) and bring a new dimension to it using technology old and new.

Stay tuned for details, I’ll provide times and location information closed to the event…

–Joe Wallace