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Join Us at the Horror Society Holiday of Horrors Fest

Holiday Horrors Chicago Horror Society

Paisley Babylon’s rare Alpha Wave Variations will be on sale at the booth at the Chicago Horror Society’s Holiday Horrors film fest. Join us at the Turntabling booth Saturday December 12 from 5 til late and enjoy plenty of Xmas-themed horror movies including the legendarily bad (and lots of fun) New Year’s Evil, a particular favorite in the Paisley Babylon camp.

Holiday Horrors is at the Portage Theatre, 4050 N. Milwaukee in Chicago. Don’t miss it!

Paisley Babylon Giveaway at HorrorHound Weekend


The image above is part of the cover art for the limited edition promo CD, 13 Unusual Tracks. Paisley Babylon is prominently featured on this free promo CD, which will be given away at the Turntabling Booth at the HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati this weekeend (November 20-22).

Joe Wallace, the warped mind behind Paisley Babylon and, will be running the Turntabling booth at the show and giving away the CDs. There’s quite a buzz about this limited-edition promo disc and the last batch of them went so fast we could hardly keep track of them flying off the table.

Get to HorrorHound early and be sure to grab your copy of the Turntabling Records promo CD, 13 Unusual Tracks. You can get times, directions and a list of featured celebrities scheduled to appear at this year’s show.

Alas, Paisley Babylon will not be PERFORMING, but the discs will make up for that, we hope. Maybe next year–especially if you ask the people at the door if Paisley is playing at the fest. Not that we’d encourage that or anything…

Paisley Babylon CDs and Promo Discs at Zombie Outbreak

Paisley Babylon at zombie outbreak film festival

Paisley Babylon CDs will be among the featured items on the booth at the November 14th Zombie Outbreak Film Festival held at Chicago’s Portage Theater. There will be some promotional compilation CDs  given away at the festival featuring Paisley Babylon as well, so don’t miss the PB freebies. That’s Saturday November 14th at the Portage starting at 4PM–don’t miss it! The festival is full of undead goodness, a slew of great indie horror films plus the all-time classic Return of the Living Dead.

Paisley Babylon in Wildclaw Theatre Trailer

Paisley Babylon’s activity in 2009 included scoring the Wildclaw Theatre trailer for The Revenants. If you missed the Chicago-based Wildclaw Theatre production of Scott T. Barsotti’s play, you’ll have to settle for viewing the trailer, but word has it this has caught on and is in production in other cities and may be playing near you sooner than you think. Paisley Babylon is definitely interested in doing more trailers and other film work–The Revenants wasn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last!

Contact Paisley Babylon at for booking or to discuss your own film soundtrack needs.

Download Paisley Babylon Midnight Hallucinations

The New CD by Paisley Babylon, Midnight Hallucinations. Paisley Babylon is Joe Wallace on Turntabling Records

Paisley Babylon’s Midnight Hallucinations is a trippy journey through the dark underbrush of the subconscious. Founding member Joe Wallace says the new CD is full of strange vibrations–the sort of feelings you get in fever dreams and chemically altered states of mind.

Paisley Babylon has been compared to Aphex Twin, Funky Porcini, Eno, Coil and Cluster. Midnight Hallucinations isn’t quite like any of it, but occupies what Wallace calls “the same musical zip code.”

Paisley Babylon is known for it’s trippy, mindbending sound–especially live. What could be initially mistaken for sinister elevator music mutates into unusua frequencies that are actually danceable without losing their ether-like effect. Hunter Thompson would likely ask whether Midnight Hallucinations could be bottled, poured into a rag and inhaled before venturing into a Vegas casino in search of the American Dream.
You’ll have dreams allright, but chances are they’ll be full of lysergic, out-of-body isolation tank floating.