Paisley Babylon Back in the Studio

Joe Wallace AKA DJ Paisley BabylonIt’s time for Paisley Babylon to get into recording mode once more and I’m doing it entirely at my art space at Bridgeport Art Center….Paisley Babylon is exploring new sonic territories and you might just see a bit more PB on social media and elsewhere…PB hasn’t really taken part in the social media explosion and I am probably wayyy behind the times on that one.

There is no working title or preliminary track to tease here yet–this announcement usually comes after some creative work has been done, but this time it’s hitting the site as I set up my recording gear and get ready to move forward again.

Paisley Babylon has long flirted with film soundtrack work, and indeed has actually made it into some projects and videos…but I am looking foward to doing more work for visual media in the future. Stay tuned for news and developments on that front.